Build your IoT platform with ease and flexibility

MCS Lite, inspired from features of MCS online with easy-to-use user interface, is designed for users who desire dedicate IoT platform for their applications. Binaries are available in Windows, Linux and Mac OS for instant launch.

Launch MCS Lite in seconds

MCS Lite binary can be launched on your computer in one-click, you can also deploy on-premise or in the cloud with provided source code. All the options are here for your IoT applications during prototype, development and production stages.

Explore built-in features

Start to collect data from your IoT devices and control them anytime, anywhere.

Data collection

Collect and visualize data from your devices

Remote control

Control your devices from MCS Lite console


Manage all your connected devices

Mobile friendly

Responsive Web Design for easy access on your mobile and tablet

Extend and get creative with MCS Lite

Open Source

MCS Lite is distributed as an open-source software under MIT license. You can use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense our projects.


Whether you want to customize the user interface, support other databases or add additional data analysis and encryption mechanism, you can directly modify the source code or use the API provided by MCS Lite to expand the functions.